"...whether it's a great feeling or a sad lonesome feeling, we all want another being to share it, know it, and expierience what we feel with us" -TP

-Who he is-

Through a ‘77 Lawsuit Alvarez and a voice full of grit, Travis Parker is bringing a sense of old sound to new times.  


Born August 21, 1989.  Travis spent the first decade of his life living in Amherst, a suburb of Buffalo in upstate Erie County, New York. During this time, his older brother Cj played guitar in the local grunge/ metal scene exposing Travis to the music world. Hearing his brother’s influences like At The Drive In, Alice and Chains, and Metallica, became the first music of his liking.  

In 1999, Travis and his family moved to rural NE Texas farming town, Ravenna. Hunting/ fishing, motocross, and country music overtime became the new norm. In his early teens he became fascinated with songwriters like Chris Knight, Steve Earle & Todd Snider. This discovery of the Americana style music was when Travis says he started to really rely on music in personal aspects. He claims he hadn’t felt this connected with music since his first record purchase of Metallica’s 1991 self titled album when he was 11yo.  

Storytelling is something Travis has been doing since grade school as a hobby. Stories written about the people he knows, the lives they live and stories reflecting his own experiences.

Fast forward to 2010 (age 21) Travis is working full time with his family farming crops, raising brangus cattle and peddling produce. That summer he was given an acoustic guitar from his father and began learning chords, writing his first songs that same year.   

A few years later in 2013, Travis released his first album under “The Travis Parker Band” titled “Finding Direction”. Those first few years they would open up for local bands, play various private parties, and the same small town venues- leaving bits of their souls on gooseneck trailers each time. Fueled by songwriting and the idea of sharing it with the world came a vision for Travis, one he would put virtually all his time and money into making a reality.

In 2015 he rebranded by forming the alt. Country band “Ravenna Sun”. They’d share the stage with artist such as Shane Smith, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and Reverend Horton Heat; having shows booked every week for months out. The reactions and criticism he received were even bigger and better but the choices he made were more detrimental. With multiple failed attempts at releasing a record, drunken nights became routine. Substance use, infidelity, and a God complex that oftentimes ended in fist fights followed. Bridges were burned and bad relationships with people in the business were made. The rapid, small, success that seemed so big overpowered his judgement and obstructed his view for seeing crucial moves in his career. After a divorce and a complete breakup with his band he stopped booking shows entirely and started working a Monday-Friday job.  Luckily however, you can take the storyteller out of the stories but you can’t take the stories out of the storyteller. Travis continued to write. This time- stories that were a lot closer to his heart.

In October of 2017 CJ, whom his song "Western Town" is for, was married. Prior to the trip, Travis felt this was the time to get back on stage and give giggin' another go. he booked a two week solo mini-tour through New Mexico. Travis claims that

"it can be difficult to feel accomplished when from Texas- you will have shows booked 6 hours apart but still be in the same state!....Going to a completely different scene and getting a good response reminded me why I love to play and gave me the much needed reassurance I can hold an audience alone."

   The time off has seemed to have given Travis a vital perspective on the moments and circumstances that have helped define him. It has helped strengthen his intimate relationship with only his voice and his guitar- helping find his true sound- one he is confident in.

With self-reflection came humbling and with newfound love came hope. In Spring of 2018, Travis released a couple  singles, followed by “Bent Leaf Sessions”, a four track solo Acoustic EP. One song in particular that he was most eager to release, drove him book the studio. ‘Leave It All Behind’ is an introspective song on love and how he describes it,

“a love that lasts a lifetime. Love at the highest level, not a childhood love most mistake for it….it’s a special song because it’s one of the few that is through and through 100% about myself."

    Following the solo NM tour, Travis booked a schedule of full band shows to start the new year. Playing with 2 of the 3 original band members. Levi Miller (formally bass- now guitar) and Kayton Rickman (drums). Since then the band is performing regularly and have revisited a failed to release album from 2015. These songs are the most accurate representation of Travis’ music style and influences.

“Write like Chris Knight and play like James Hatfield."

Recorded and composed by his band the “ Losing few”, Travis’ songwriting is accompanied by a rock background for a contemperary alt. country sound. The full band full length album is set to release this year.    

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